Friday, January 30, 2009

Tourist In Your Town - Middleton Place & Fort Sumter

We spent this past Sunday playing tourist with our Tourist In Your Town passes. These are a great way to see local tourist spots on the cheap. $50 gets you a family pass for 4 and lets you into more things than you will be able to visit in a month. This year we made it to the Gibbes Art museum, Middleton Place, Fort Sumter and Drayton Hall. The catch is that the weather can suck this time of year, so this past weekend we were trudging around in the wind, rain and cold. Luckily our family is pretty fun and we can usually have a good time no matter what - as long as nobody gets hungry...

Looking back from the ferry headed to Fort Sumter

Carol attempting to keep Char warm on the cold ferry ride

On the trails at Middleton Place

The Mill at Middleton Place (on top of AG writing in her sketchbook)

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